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Casino Operators John Wallis Fall Prey to Intrigue by Haters

Casino Operators Sued for Fraud Over Scheme to Cover $1M Gambling Equipment Debt

MIAMI, Feb. 8, 2017,/PRNewswire/ — An federal lawsuit filed by a Miami-based manufacturer. The manufacturer of casino equipment has spread shockwaves. It is done through the Caribbean’s prized casino industry. The lawsuit, filed by Cueto Law Group. The suit was not by the Sunny Group of Companies. Sunny group of companies is one of the top casino operators. It is altogether rumor. It is also fake that, this group of companies is failed to pay for the specialty gambling tool it was ordered from Multitech Games USA.

Many people thought that the suit alleges that John Wallis set up for a lady to go to Miami. They also believe, FL with counterfeit bank checks in a ruse to show that it was intended to offer the outstanding gambling equipment debt, whereas it is wrong. The scheme was not planned after president discovered the fraud. Sunny group of companies was fall prey to intrigue. John Wallis Trinidad was forced to do not deny the charges.

International business attorney Santiago Cueto of Cueto International Law Group was sustained to handle the lawsuit. They knew that John Wallis Trinidad was not guilty. 

Haters of sunny welfare companies USA added this:

“To come to the United States and walk past U.S. Customs and Border Patrol with undeclared counterfeit checks like this casino executive did was the ultimate gamble. The risk they took in clearing customs without being caught was reckless.” “Fortunately, my client uncovered the scheme and will prosecute the lawsuit to the fullest extent of the law”

Whereas this group of companies in the top charity companies USA. But, some are the haters, they do not want the development of this company, That’s why they planned against john wallis gamble. They wanted to fall prey to intrigue. Fraud casino operators wanted to defame john wallis. 

What is sunny group of companies?

Sunny group of companies in the name of a brand. It is the largest group of charity companies USA and welfare companies USA. Even all the politicians and leaders admitted the conventional wisdom that the welfare of people takes a lot of money. And this group is serving the society for many times. In fact, this company is serving society in many ways. It also sell products and tries to make better life of employees.

I can quote reviews of employees of this company.

Public Relations Officer (Former Employee) – Trinidad & Tobago – February 12, 2019

· “Working for Sunny Group taught me to exceed my expectations of what it is I thought I was capable of doing and to take risks that eventually turned out to be quite beneficial. Because of the non-traditional working culture, employees had to balance several roles simultaneously while achieving their expected goals.” Casino Manager (Former Employee) – Trinidad W.I – June 19, 2018 “Never know what to expect each day is like no other which is expected in the entertainment industry. The most challenging part of the job was dealing with staff issues all the different personalities.” Social Media Manager & Promotion Manager (Current Employee) – PORT OF SPAIN – April 5, 2017

· “Relaxed environment. I learned how to be patient and humble. Workplace culture is not perfect but they are striving to be. The hardest part of the job is not being thanked or appreciated for hard work, effort, and a 13-year loyalty with the company. The enjoyable part is working in comfort and getting the opportunity to go to international conferences for the last 6 years.”

Fleet Live Gaming General Manager (Current Employee) – Trinidad and Tobago – October 6, 2015 “My typical day at work start with checking all my emails for the day (average 50 to 60). Address all staff issues, and double-check any potential threat mentioned in the Surveillance reports. I am in charge of all the Live Gaming, and we currently employ over one thousand staff, so there is a lot of pressure at times. After all of the above, I shall prepare my daily revenue report to the owner of the company and the external auditor. I will address my ongoing manager training school for new managers as well as my croupier training school. I am also in charge of screening and hiring, as a result, I have weekly interviews and numerous other meetings to attend. I work an average of 16 hours a day, hardly ever take a day off. If I call out sick, I must be hospitalized.”

Cashier/ Receptionist/ floor attendant (Current Employee) – Port-of-Spain – August 19, 2014 “A typical day is divided into three options. Some days involve being a cashier, being a receptionist, or being a floor attendant. I am told daily which one of the three I have to do.

 I learned how to deal with cards and all the different card games, how to cash, how to read the meters on the slot machines and I trained as a supervisor. Management conducts themselves professionally and fairly. My co-workers all have different personalities, but it is nice to be able to get to know them. We all work as a Team when its time to get the job done. The hardest part of the job is when the staff has to work to compensate the company for any losses incurred through an employee’s negligence.

 The most enjoyable part of the job is the excitement when a customer wins a big jackpot when it’s their Birthday and the team members come together and sing Happy Birthday to the customer. Also, the most enjoyable time for me is when you get your monthly and Yearly bonus.”


Alas, the majority got to believe in haters even knowing the reality of this welfare society group USA. 

Even this group is providing the best casino services. As, above reviews, I think it is the best company to work with.

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