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Casino Operators Sued For Fraud over Schemes to Cover $1M

Court Rules No Fraud in the Transactions in casino Operators

During the hearing on Trinidadian John Wallis’ Motion to Dismiss the Amended Complaint, Judge Marvel Ruiz actually stated on the record that there was “no fraud” related to the casino operators business transactions between the parties and dismissed the fraud claim once again.

The court made the no fraud findings based in large part upon the undisputed fact that Multitech Games and John Wallis. By and through various entities, he affiliated with, had conducted business transactions in the exact same manner for more than ten years without any issue.

Also dismissed were Multitech Games’ claims for breach of contract, leaving a claim for unjust enrichment for several games. That John Wallis has already demonstrated he had paid for long ago.

An identical case previously filed by Multitech Games in federal court and dismissed in its entirety by Judge Ursula Ungaro in 2017. The claims then refiled in state court.

In addition to the foregoing, Multitech Games’ lawyer, Santiago Cueto, and his law firm sued for defamation by John Wallis. Also, Persad US$12,000,000 for his scandalous accusations in a news post authored by the same Santiago Cueto. It appeared to be nothing more than a publicity stunt and an effort to tarnish John Wallis and Sherry Persad’s good names.  The news post based on the very same lawsuits that dismissed in both federal court and state court, which establishes that there never, was any factual or legal predicate for any assertions in the new post.

In lieu of defending in the defamation case, Attorney Cueto and his firm settled with John Wallis. Then breached their obligations under the settlement agreement. This resulted in Attorney Cueto and his law firm being sued again, this time for specific performance and damages. That case remains pending.


The scandalous accusations in the news post that made by Attorney Cuetto also referred to The Florida Bar for ethical violations regarding an attorney’s prohibition from making comments about pending matters in which they are counsel of record, which complaint was filed by John Wallis, Sherry Persad and Sunny Group companies.

It is clear from the foregoing events that “Sebastian Mosse, the owner of Multitech Games, abused our ten-year friendship and business relationship in his greed to extort money from my company,” said John Wallis.  “We never finalized an order of what Multitech Games claims and the only items that were shipped we have proof of payment for.”

In written filings in the pending state court case, Atty. Cueto has admitted that not all of the machines subject to Multitech Games’ claims are completed and not all the parts necessary to complete them are there – even though the machines were allegedly ordered in April or May of 2014.  A picture of some of the incomplete machines is set out below, which clearly shows gaping holes in the machines where the bill receptors and printer devices are missing in every single machine.

Cuetto Law advertises its address as 4000 Ponce de Leon Blvd #470, Coral Gables, FL 33146, United States. This address is a shared hourly rental office space. Santiago A. Cueto is an undischarged bankrupt.


Multitech manufactures and sells gambling machines from 6959 Nw 82nd Ave., Miami FL 33166. The company is owned and managed by Sebastian Mosse, an Argentinian.



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