By John Wallis September 27, 2020 In Branding

Information of Best Casino operators Lasvegas

Information of Best Casino operators in Lasvegas

Earlier, the company used to write a letter to the NBA’s Phoenix Suns seeking to purchase the team for $380 million. After a few days, sent a letter to NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe searching to buy a seat on an upcoming shuttle mission. It was quite a busy month.

The first time, the offer to purchase the Suns came with a promise to emblazon the team’s jerseys. It was done with the casino’s corporate logo.

Casino Fortune stated it is very first to move once it owned the team would be to retire the No. 34 uniform. It had been accomplished.

The Suns told between the team and the casino was non-serious. Then, the team was sold to other investors too.

The offer is to buy a seat on the NASA shuttle flight. That was tied to a worldwide gambling tourney. It may be the John Wallis gamble. Which would have the seat as a grand prize. However, it is not time to get excited. NASA told the space agency doesn’t sell seats on the shuttle.

At that time, Trump is seeming for a way to sustain his company.

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