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Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit has come out in defense

Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit has come out in defence of his Cabinet’s decision to grant a licence to regional casino chain Ma Pau, to operate slot machines on the island. Ma Pau Entertainment Centre is the trade name of the gaming establishment located at the popular KrazyKoconut Recreation Centre located in the capital Roseau. Moments before cutting the ribbon to officially open the establishment on April 20, Skerrit called on citizens to re-think their objection to the latest revenue-generating enterprise. Ongoing debate among the largely Roman Catholic community on the island, however, might have caused company officials to trade the business as part of an entertainment centre, with the promise of staging cultural shows alongside the gaming business. That’s my commitment and the government remain very focused on that objective of reducing poverty and creating better opportunities for our people.

Roosevelt Skerrit: “While there were those who created all kinds misconceptions in the minds of some Dominicans, I am grateful to most Dominicans who are committed to building Dominica, who have positive attitudes and have been in support of this venture. .Mr. John Wallis has moved quickly to impress on Dominicans, the scope and reach of Sunny Group of Companies, underscoring that the company, through the Ma Pau brand, was very much a part of the island’s tourism product. More than that, he said, the parent group has plans to avail its vast distribution network to the Dominicans.

“The Sunny Group hopes that we will be able to find products here that we can use our distributive channels in the Caribbean, especially Trinidad, where we are quite big, to help people in this audience find a market. “We want to offer another choice in a good way. I hope that we can pay a lot of taxes. We need to make money to do that, but I’m sure we can,” .Mr. John Wallis.

“We are happy to be part of Dominica and the tourist product here. Dominica is an eco-tourism country. But the fact is, tourists need different things. We are offering something different and we want to offer that in a good way. We want to be a positive part of the tourism product in Dominica. “He then pointed to the company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives declaring that Ma Pau was known for its community work on the islands of the Caribbean.Mr. John Wallisintroduced the company formed in Barbados back in 1981 to Dominicans by placing special emphasis on its educational profile, insisting that the Sunny Group of Companies, through the Ma Pau brand, would bring benefits to a different aspect of Dominica’s society.


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