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Reasons Why We Blacklist Online Casinos

Online Casinos

First, permit me to say that there’s no standard blacklist. You’re now no longer going to locate the equal online casinos on each blacklist you stumble upon online.

There need to be, though, because it’s tough to disclaim whilst an online casino or enterprise has screwed over their customers.

But there’s now no longer. Each internet site compiles its very own listing the usage of their very own biases, experiences, studies, and resources.

However, at the same time as every listing can be one-of-a-kind, the motives for including an online casino to the listing are regularly the equal. It’s due to the fact the online casino pulled one of the following shenanigans.

Common Shenanigans Scam Casinos Pull

In no precise order…

Unfair Games

All video games need to be random for them to be fair. A rip-off online casino will rip off their video games and/or modify them in one of these manners that they’re given the benefit (on the pinnacle of the benefit those video games already supply casinos).

A rip-off online casino may additionally tweak their loose exercise video games to prefer gamers to inspire them to play the lesser “fair” paid video games.


For something cause the online casinos won’t pay a participant his or her winnings. There are valid motives for a participant now no longer being paid, consisting of due to the fact they cheated, abused gives, or didn’t satisfy the phrases of an advantage offer.

But a rogue online casinos will use those motives as an excuse, even supposing there’s no evidence the participants withinside the wrong. Instead, they accuse the participant a good way to stall, and with a bit of luck dull the participant into gambling or taking any other bonus so they won’t be capable of coins out.

Non-price additionally applies to advertise and marketing companions, like associates. Think approximately it – if the online casino can not or will now no longer pay associates, how lengthy do you observe they’ll hold to pay their gamers?

Slow Pay

Similar to non-price. A shady online casino will take weeks, months or maybe years to pay gamers back, both due to the fact they don’t have the coins flow -that’s scary- or due to the fact they need to inspire the participant to hold gambling or to take advantage so they won’t coins out. Both are rogue conduct.

Meanwhile, gamers are becoming the runaround, partial bills, and/or bouncing checks.

Predatory Terms

These are casinos which have outrageous phrases like 50x or 100x bonus rollover requirements, a cap on how an awful lot cash you could win together along with your bonus (max cost of x instances the preliminary deposit amount), a restriction on how an awful lot you could guess in step with round, or prohibiting video games like innovative jackpots from being performed at the same time as the usage of the bonus.

This also can shady methods like looking to get a participant signed up for an advantage or promoting withinside the midst of looking to solve warfare associated with the participant trying to coins out. They don’t suppose the participant’s professional, but they’re supplying him bonuses. The cause is to fasten the participant into a suggestion which forces them to play (and lose) extra rather than cashing out.

Changing Terms

One of the sneakiest matters rogue casinos do is extrude their phrases at the fly, on an as-wished basis. They’ll try this whilst they’re in dispute with a participant over something they are saying the participant’s finished wrong, however hasn’t really. They’ll extrude the phrases to help their argument. Yet, whilst you examine the data you could see the phrases have been currently modified from siding with the participant …to siding with the online casino.

Marketing Spam

Marketing is what we do (simply examine this internet site). However, we don’t suppose it’s proper to junk mail gamers, boards, or websites, that’s what many shady casinos do to get new customers.

Licensing and Regulation

When the online casino says they have a license, however, don’t. Or, whilst they’re positioned in a place that’s lax approximately regulation, which lets in them to escape with shenanigans.

Bad to Players: They’re sluggish on help or non-existent. When they verbally danger gamers.

This is some distance from a whole listing. You’ll see extra examples of shady conduct withinside the following sections and in every cause for the casinos in our blacklist. But you’ll those are the maximum, not unusual place issues, and there’s numerous overlap, too.

How to Tell When a Casino Might Be Headed for the Blacklist

One issue you’re positive to locate out – and, with a bit of luck, now no longer the tough manner – is that numerous casinos deserve a niche on a blacklist, however aren’t there. Or, they’re up-and-comers.

This sucks due to the fact you could get burned awful in case you don’t see them coming earlier than it’s too late.

We allow you to keep away from that. The first-rate manner to do this is to appear out for those indicators. If you spot them, both keep away from the online casino or abandon delivery earlier than the crash.


Some of those are repeats from the final section. The distinction is in how a soon-to-be rogue online casino transitions from an apparently k online casino to the subsequent rogue-like qualities.

Slow Pays

The distinction right here is that the online casino can also additionally have had no preceding issues paying their gamers. All gamers were given their bills inside some days, or maybe some weeks.

But then, slowly, bills began out to take longer. Over the route of some weeks or a few months, there are increasing delays. The delays were given longer. And the online casino has not anything however excuses.

Note: Delayed bills don’t suggest an online casino is rogue. It occurs to each online casino at a few points. It’s the frequency of behind schedule bills, and the aggregate of gamers getting the runaround, that typically indicators that matters are taking a flip for the worst.

Affiliate No Pays

Affiliates are third events that carry out advertising and marketing responsibilities on behalf of the online casino. This is finished at their very own rate in trade for a fee.

Unfortunately, associates are the primary ones to get stiffed with the aid of using a rip-off online casino whilst the online casino runs into issues or makes a decision to enroll in the darkish side.

Another manner rogue casinos will screw over companions is with the aid of using tweaking their phrases and situations so that associates won’t be paid for preceding campaigns that have been as soon as on rev-share (whilst the associate getting an ongoing fee for a participant they despatched to the online casino, for the existence of the participant).

An instance of that is whilst Bwin Casino modified their phrases and situations. In doing so that they retroactively reduce commissions they initially agreed to pay to associates. They stored loads of lots in ongoing commissions, however, they misplaced the agree with that they’d with their companions.

Too Good or Too Big an Offer

If the online casino gives massive suits or massive bonuses (or both) which are simply unheard of – we’re talking $five,000 right here and $10,000 there – that’s a signal announcing you need to keep away from them. Look at all of the professional casinos and you’ll see that maximum gives are $500, $one thousand, or maybe $2000. There’s something fishy approximately a (new) online casino that’s supplying five or 10x that.

Note: If you leaf through the casinos on our blacklist, you’ll observe that that’s one of the matters they’ve in a not unusual place. Like Loco Panda with their 400%, $4,000 deposit bonus.

Not Keeping Separate Accounts

Another caution signal is in case you pay attention to approximately an online casino now no longer retaining the participant’s budget break away their different budget. In different words, an online casino shouldn’t be paying their bills – or maybe paying different gamers – together along with your cash. That method they don’t have (excellent) coins flow — a massive caution signal that they’re unstable.


Another signal that matters should cross awry is in which the online casino is positioned – which determines who handles their licensing and regulation. Each region has its one-of-a-kind rules, and a few are extra lax than others. An excellent instance of a lax (aka don’t supply a hoot at all) jurisdiction is Costa Rica.


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