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Sunny Group of Companies

Sunny Group of Companies

Sunny Group of Companies started in Barbados in 1981 as a distributor of instructional books. Over the years, the academic commercial enterprise has grown to encompass the distribution and introduction of multimedia merchandise in 3 continents finally main Sunny Group to end up one of the pinnacle four global vendors of domestic reference books. Sunny Group has now improved and different to correctly penetrate markets in Education, Retail, Leisure, and Security.

Since 1986, the Group’s Leisure Division has owned and operated land-primarily based totally casinos. Gambling Licenses are held in five international locations throughout 2 continents and the call MaPau has ended up synonymous with comfortable gaming surroundings internationally. Our dynamic features and advanced technical understanding made it feasible for Sunny institutions to end up one of the first to be authorized for on-line online casino gaming in 1996. In September 2010, MaPau released its most recent area in Paramaribo, Suriname.

The trendy addition to the Sunny Group’s own circle of relatives is the Security Division which now operates the Personnel Protection Services Ltd. With the boom of crook sports globally, this division, fashioned in 2006 makes a specialty of offering private protection to our customers thru our rather educated officials and domestic protection systems.

In the face of the dynamic operations of the worldwide commercial enterprise world, the Sunny Group of Companies maintains to align itself with modern thoughts and revolutionary traits in a socially accountable manner.


John Wallis online system formed Sunny Group in 1980. It is a loose grouping of related companies doing business in Africa, the Caribbean, and South America. Companies in the Group are diverse, Real Estate, Education, Security, Distribution, Gaming, and Entertainment. Wallis’ family owns most entities in Sunny Group.

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