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What is the Significant of MAP in Welfare Society Group USA?

When we talk about the Welfare Society Group USA, it includes a variety of charities and foundations. Still, in today’s article, the welfare society group USA we will be talking about is called MAP International Foundation. The MAP International Foundation is a global Christian health and aid organization that partners with people living in poverty to lift them out of this life and help them stay healthy and for a better society. It also gives the power to do something.

In the Welfare Society Group USA, MAP International Foundation has helped the poor all over the world. He is known for his 100% performance rating. He responds positively by providing medicines all over the world to prevent disease and promote health. There is real hope that change will come. The organization’s primary goal is to improve the overall health of people living in the world’s most impoverished societies.

History of MAP International Foundation:


MAP International was established within the Welfare Society Group USA as the Medical Assistant Program International, an organization that provides medical supplies abroad. The organization promotes the development of social health around the world, prevents diseases and helps those in need in sudden disasters such as earthquakes, famines and floods. The organization was founded in 1954 by the first executive director of Christian Medical, known as Raymond King tom.

Welfare Society Group USA Disaster Relief Program:

The MAP International Foundation has developed several disaster response programs in the welfare Society Group of USA, including Typhoon Gloria in Taiwan, the collapse of the Soviet Union in Panama, the Collapse of the Taliban, and several hurricane deaths. And not limited to that. A variety of impending earthquakes, such as the 2015 Nepal earthquake, a record 2016 earthquake, also provided a type of assistance.

Welfare Society Group USA Ignoring Tropical Diseases:

This is an excellent place for MAP International people to explore issues and serve different types of donations, as the MAP International Foundation is a foundation that collects donations for you from around the world. And protects you from various diseases. It doesn’t matter who you are, you are part of a church mission, you are from a school program, or you are travelling, or you are with friends. And they can change their lives. In the MAP International Welfare Society Group USA, you will find various medicines and funds to save the lives of your loved ones and the needy living around you.

You can better understand our Foundation in that we have 65 years of experience in providing the right medicine to medical machines. You can partner with our expertise to serve all those who meet the needs and provide them with medicine and health. So because of our experience, we offer your team a full description of drugs and health supplies.

Why is the Partnership with MAP International Beneficial for You?

There are many doctors in the world, but those doctors only give you a diagnosis. You can use this MAP Foundation to diagnose patients as well as get medicine for them, and they are delivered in many countries, and you can quickly get them. Secondly, you don’t get a prescription because there is no functional storage space for it, so there is the right place inside the Foundation where you can quickly get medicines by stored methods.

Partnering with the Welfare Society Group USA MAP Foundation can be an excellent way for you to help fund the health of the poor and needy.

Facilities of MAP International Foundation in Corona Virus Pandemic: 

In addition to partnering with the MAP International Foundation, you can raise funds to meet the needs of patients’ healthcare professionals, police officers, firefighters, homeless people, individual needs and disabilities. 

  • As you know, the coronavirus is spreading like a virus that is wreaking havoc all over the world at present, so the MAP Foundation Kits provided.
  • Besides, the Foundation has provided a variety of health care supplies throughout the United States and abroad, including 1186 more masks and hygiene products and personal protective equipment.

In the early days of the epidemic, the Welfare Society Group USA MAP International Foundation provided partners with 3,000,000 marks and 10,000 protective suits to help limit the spread of the virus to serve the countries affected by the coronavirus. The Map International Foundation has provided mask gloves, soaps and much more that are still being used around the world or in places like Nigeria, Italy, the Philippines, Ethiopia and Guatemala.

In the end, it can be said that this Map Foundation is known worldwide as one of the best welfare society groups USA. The organization is at the forefront of helping people affected by disasters. If you also want to donate from your earnings, this foundation will be the best for you. By donating your money to this foundation, you will not worry about anything and your money will reach the needy.


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